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3 AM Reality is an organization founded in 2021, formed of members who believe in the potential of Augmented Reality (AR) to elevate student interest and engagement. Inspired by the growing possibilities of the technology in expanding the modalities of classroom learning, we are motivated to provide a free and accessible resource to all communities. It is our mission to develop mobile and web-based AR applications that deliver interactive experiences for students and contribute a new dimension to education. To that end, we commit to:

  • Collaborating with educational entities, especially public organizations in under-resourced and underprivileged communities, to incorporate AR technology into existing curricula.
  • Advancing our AR applications to supplement a range of subjects, from chemistry and biology to history and geography.
  • Working alongside higher education professionals to consistently identify the needs of students and to improve and evolve our service.


iAugmentEd is a free AR application that allows students and users to utilize the camera of mobile and tablet devices to generate and visualize three-dimensional models from two-dimensional images – whether that may be illustrations within a textbook, in a handout, or on a computer screen.

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Readily adapts

to any curriculum using a scalable design that supports a robust library of models.

Fosters immersion

with interactive features such as rotating, zooming, and other tools of manipulation.

Enjoy learning

by utilizing a variety of built-in games that illustrate and teach a range of subjects.

Portable education

using our mobile and web-based applications available on both Android and iOS.


After downloading iAugmentEd, we encourage you to trial the application. Simply direct the camera to one of the images below from selected subjects to visualize a fully interactive three-dimensional model.

  • All
  • Chem
  • Bio
  • Anatomy


Covid Omicron


Bohr Model


Spike Membrane


Ethane Inversion


Coronavirus Core






Ethane Sn Operation








Download self-contained learning modules for any classroom or teaching session. Files contain target images, free for use in lectures and presentations, and associated AR models.


Aravinda Munasinghe

Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Innovation Officer

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Chief Operating Officer

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Cofounder of 3 AM Reality.

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Software Engineer, Vice President

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Urszula Krekora

Front-End Engineer, Director

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Our team acknowledges and thanks all collaborators and contributors who have supported development and assisted in realizing 3 AM Reality's mission to elevate education with AR technology.


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